Resolve HQ: Frequency Enhancement

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How much time do you spend picking horizons? How can you be sure you are seeing all of the information in your data required to make difficult interpretation decisions?

Resolve HQ enhances subtle changes in your data, improves fault definition, and helps to recover continuity that leads to faster, easier, and more accurate horizon picks. The combination of Resolve HQ and our thorough quality control process will lead to more precise interpretations without creating time shifts, phase shifts, or lateral and vertical variations in character.

Despite the bandwidth of your data, interpretation can be tedious and possibly imprecise. Reprocessing data can be expensive, time-consuming, and may not bring out the higher frequencies valuable to your specific areas of interest. Before straining your eyes, your patience, and your pocketbook…give us an opportunity to show you what HQ can bring out of your data.

Getting started is easy and requires only a post-stack SEG-Y volume to serve as the input. Click on the link below to request a quote and to find out how you can unlock the frequencies hiding in your data.

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