About Us

Resolve GeoSciences began in 1997 under the direction of Don Robinson, founder of Oklahoma Seismic and co-creator of a popular 2-D interpretation system called MIRA (both were acquired by Landmark Graphics in 1993).

Originally a software company, we marketed SeisShow as a versatile SEG-Y viewer and tool for data loaders. As research and demand continued to grow in the industry for seismic attributes, we joined geophysical consortia and worked with topic experts to develop practical, commercial applications. SeisShow has since been modified as a powerful tool for easily analyzing dozens of attributes and is free of cost to any existing customers.

Today we are a leading service company with a reputation for quality, cost-effectiveness and honesty. Client-relationships drive all aspects of our business. We want to make certain that you understand what we deliver, what it means, and how to use it.

If you are considering seismic attributes for your future projects or want to improve how you use attributes in your current workflow, we can provide the tools and services to help you meet your goals.