Resolve GeoSciences computes post-stack seismic attributes as a service. We focus extensively on the features and processes that provide the most benefit for our clients and remain well within their budgets. All attribute volumes are in standard SEG-Y format and are compatible with any workstation.

Seismic Attributes

Resolve GeoSciences is the industry leader in Seismic Attribute Services. Our expertise helps us provide clients with a simple workflow, offering unprecedented access to curvature, semblance, continuity and frequency-based volumes. We have incorporated industry-proven attributes from the AASPI Consortium and Rock Solid Images into a manageable attribute workflow.

Resolve HQ

Resolve GeoSciences has developed a high quality frequency enhancement technique that does not create time shifts or phase shifts, maintains the data’s amplitudes and can be filtered back to the original frequency range. The combination of data conditioning and Resolve HQ can improve quality considerably, and in many instances the service can be considered as an alternative to expensive reprocessing.

Spectral Decomposition

Spectral decomposition has been a staple in geophysical interpretation but is often associated with time-intensive computations. We have resolved the challenge of managing multiple volumes by implementing an interactive method for computing and viewing spectral decomposition on-the-fly.

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