SeisShow is our proprietary SEG-Y viewer developed to work with multiple attribute volumes quickly and easily. The main features displayed below can help determine which attributes will be the most useful for a project before loading to an interpretation workstation.

SeisShow, support, and updates are provided free of cost for clients.

(Click each thumbnail to see the feature in action.)

Attribute Lists


Quickly scroll through volumes with preset ranges and color palettes to help determine the best attributes for your project.

Attribute Patch


Set an attribute as the background, then select an attribute as a movable patch to drag, resize and blend.

Blending Attributes


Interactively blend up to three attributes together in the Section, Time Slice or Horizon Slice displays.

Horizon Extractions


Scroll through over 100 attribute horizon extractions with preset ranges and palettes.

Dynamic Horizons


Interpret and move through key zones using dynamic horizon interpolation.

Masking Attributes


Isolate a range of values and see through certain areas to the background display.

Rotating Diagonals


Rotate 360 degrees around a point of interest or a particular well, then maintain the desired azimuth as you scan through and interpret the data.

Export to GeoTIFF


Export geo-referenced images (including blended attributes) for printing or to load into a GIS or Workstation. Google Earth KMZs are also generated.

Interactive Filtering


Dynamically apply filters such as phase shifting, AGC, bandpass and ricker, then write out ready-to-load volumes that reflect the adjustments.

Well Extractions


Extract horizon-based attribute values at well locations to rank wells by attribute response or to export to a spreadsheet application.

Attribute Crossplots


Analyze a multi-attribute response on a given horizon. User-defined polygons allow for visual comparison between the plot and slice displays.

Spectral Decomposition


Interactively isolate frequency intervals, blend multiple frequency sections, and compare incremental slice volumes using RGB blending.

Standard Deviations


Focus on values within a deviation of a selected point or well to gauge similar attribute response along a horizon.

Frequency Displays


Instantly compute several informative displays such as maximum amplitude, phase and amplitude frequency.

Horizon Coverage


Quickly view time, isochron and slope displays on the locator map for each of the loaded horizons.